Production flexibility

The relevant features of these instrumental tracks.

Flexible track options can provide audio experiences to compliment your project. Have tracks customized to create soundscapes that swell or retreat to support the scenes of your project.
Options can include tempo, number of layered tracks, instrumentation, arrangement, etc.

Track building

We can build tracks with different layer combinations and instrumentation. Perhaps it’s to weave recurring motifs through a project, or to wrap participants in a state of expectation. It’s an open palette.


Tempo syncs and variations can bring the perfect energy your project deserves. Simple and effective, yet often overlooked.


Flexible pricing to match the scale of your project. We’ll find ways to make it work for you and your project.

About the tracks

These raw, unfinished and minimally produced tracks will bring a distinctive air to your project that comes from real music performed by real players. No sampling robots ‘round here.

Our goal is to provide tracks that keep you and your project energized and in motion.

Easy and accommodating to work with, the mission is to get real music out there in as many ways as possible. Tracks have been used for big box advertisers, independent films and their filmmakers, bumpers, games, and even idea starters for other musicians. Whatever the musical cause, it works here.

Need a track with a little more shine? Why not, that can be arranged too.

Tracks are inspired by the hikes, climbs, ferry rides, coffee shop wisdom and just about anything else one will likely bump into in the quirky Pacific Northwest neighborhood that’s home. It’s an environment rich with inspiration eight days a week.*

The days of shredding tracks brimming over the top are mostly a memory. These are open and airy tracks captured in a slow-hand style. Every now and then a flourish will sneak in for a quick energy burst. Naps are okay here.

About the artist

Here I am in the sixties doing my thing at a bah mitzvah or maybe it’s a sweet sixteen party for a young fan. And here I am in the sixties again, history repeats.

Virtual bandmates

Most of the tracks here are myself on all instruments. Friends or family will sometimes jump in to collaborate. Tracks also come together with my global-virtual-bandmates. It’s the way of the world these days. There’s always something in the works between the gigs, sessions and day jobs we all hold down.

Take us wherever you are with the device you have

Making it easy to get stuff done.

If you need to get in touch right now, please click the button below. Our whammerdyne email delivery system will deliver your note post-haste!
(defined: as quickly as possible, without delay, (very) quickly, speedily, without further/more ado, with all speed, promptly, immediately, at once, straightaway, right away).

Sneak peek three from the work pile!

Flawed perfection freshly pressed and often updated.

The Big Tent

A bouncing acoustic track with a little Rhodes tossed in for flavor.
It’s upbeat tone suggest possibilities.


A soundbed suitable for inspiring humans to get up and get it done! Pulled off the 2013 pile.

Red Tide

A waterborne theme coaxing us to set sail for the next mysterious horizon.
Anchor’s aweigh!

Take legacy EJDC tracks for a spin.

EJDC sample tracks cherry picked from the full-on Demolition Crew sessions. John, Jerry, Dave, DY and Danny.


Premiere track with the Demolition Crew in tow.

Let It Burn

Smoldering track pulled from the ashes.

who’s crying now

DY gives John an eye poke, the result is this AcidPlanet #1

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