Ten tracks from the Summer 2015 sessions. Full length tracks available on iTunes.

The Last Exit
Continuing onward from the Baker’s Dozen Sessions, The Last Exit is a ten track collection of instrumental motifs ready for going ‘round the bend.

Joined by Dino Monoxelos, the emperor’s court is pleased to offer this mix of funk, rockin’ style blues and musical mayhem in their version of trans-whatever-genre you dare to place all of this in. These instrumental tracks run from a vibey agent-fusion to funked-up rock.

Whether you’re in the big room or in your ears these tracks aim to please a wide array of listeners. When played loud we have it on good authority the InterGoogle* will break.

So take a test spin of these ten morsels; ready here right now, for your listening pleasure and inner ear abusement.


* InterGoogle is lifted from the deep cranial thoughts of one Greg Koch. He does not perform on these tracks and would not likely subject himself to this abuse, even though he’s a fellow Badger Boy.* Gregisms keep us entertained in the wee hours, and he’s a pretty ding-dang-darn-good gitbox slinger to boot. Well he’s at least slightly above average… we think the western shirts put him over the top!

*Badger Boy is the way wammerdyne technical term for a cheesehead* and we all know who we/you are.


*This is not a cheesehead. Although he probably runs better than #4 ever did and with his low center of gravity is quite hard to bring down. He’s not on any of these tracks either.

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  1. Comment by Jeff

    Jeff Reply February 23, 2016 at 8:54 pm

    This is a great collection of exploratory tracks. They bob and weave in just the right ways. It’s easy to see how these could support a variety of media. TV, radio, film, games are all great targets for these. Nicely done.

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